Piano lessons are not important enough to risk getting sick. But they are a nice diversion for kids that are not allowed to go to school for the next who-knows-how-many months. So I would like to continue to give lessons as long as it seems safe to do so.

It is, obviously, up to each family to decide what to do, but I would like to let you know how I am changing my lesson protocol to reflect this new situation. And, yes, I have considered giving online lessons, but after consulting with someone who is, the downsides seems to override the benefits. They just are not complete lessons, since it is difficult for the teacher to really hear well what the student is doing and musicality just doesn't get picked up by the microphone. So I won't be doing online lessons.

A distance of 6 feet is recommended, but I've measured 8 feet to my chair, so I can be sure I am a safe distance from the student, for both my peace of mind and the student's. I will not touch anything of the student's, which means that the student will be filling in their own lesson record book as I instruct him/her. I will have disinfected pencils available, but I would encourage students to bring their own pencil (not pen), so they can make notations in the music, as well. Stickers will be discontinued for the time being.

Please have students leave their jacket or sweater in the car, unless they plan to wear it for the entire lesson. Upon arrival, students will be instructed to wipe down the keyboard with the provided disinfecting wipes before they begin. I will also wipe down the keys between students and after I've used the piano. They will also be instructed to stop at the sink and wash their hands and dry them on a paper towel before going back out to their car when the lesson is over.

Since piano lessons only involve two people - me and the student - I think these protocols will be completely effective in keeping us safe. I do rely on parents, however, to keep students home when they have a cough or a fever and I will do you the same courtesy, cancelling lessons if I get a cough or fever.

Let's not give up doing the things we love out of fear. Let's rather devise new ways to do old things, so that we can continue to enjoy life until things return to normal.

If you have any concerns, please call or text me. And if you decide to drop out of lessons, please let me know. My cell phone number is 715-415-5327. Hope to see you soon!